Our Automagic Technology Phone Screens Your Applicants So You Can Fill Jobs Faster

  • 1 Automatically phone screen tens or hundreds of candidates in 48 hrs *
  • 2 Fill mid-level positions in 40 days and junior-level positions in 15 days
  • 3 Enjoy your coffee and hours of freed-up time

* We do reference checks too

SayHired keeps the process flowing and allows you to recruit more efficiently.

— Wendy McCollom,
Chief Financial Officer,

Some Of Our Clients & Partners

  • Hertz
  • Esurance
  • LesConcierges
  • KeenHire
  • Oclaro
  • Great Clips
  • AppleOne

We also do Reference Checks

You can submit a reference check request right now or trigger one with just one click after the candidate has already been screened through SayHired.

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94701 Hours Saved

That's how many hours we have saved our customers so far

We can save you time & hassles too.

Need surveys?

We can survey your employees, your candidates, your potential customers, or your current ones. Our technology allows us to automate and analyze any phone conversation, whether it's retention, customer satisfaction, market research, or recruiting.

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Why People Love Us

Avoid scheduling hassles

After one click, you can relax until the candidate phone screens start arriving to your inbox. The candidates can call whenever it's convenient, and you can listen to their screens whenever you need to.

Only listen to key answers

Talking to candidates live can take up to 20-30 minutes per call. With SayHired, you can listen only to those key portions of the screen that can help you determine the candidate's quality in just a few minutes.

No integration required

There's no software to install or complicated sign-up process. Simply use our easy forms to give us the few pieces of data we need to get started and watch the candidates and phone screens flow to your company dashboard on SayHired.

We can also port the stack of resumes and candidates you've received into our system.

From big to small

Any company can benefit from SayHired-driven hiring acceleration, whatever your size or stage of the process. Our products work for one-off position as well as they do for companies with thousands of candidates per position.

If you have any questions, please email help@sayhired.com or call 650-458-4592

Accelerate Your Recruiting

Dedicated services

In addition to self-serve options, we offer dedicated recruiting services at a fraction of the price of traditional agencies: a dedicated recruiting consultant, original sourcing of candidates, and unlimited phone screens & reference checks, all for a one-time flat per-position fee.

We guarantee results: we will work on the position until it is filled.

Interested in Dedicated Services?

Already have candidates to screen?

Let our automated system do the job for you. Just tell us who you want to screen and what questions you'd like to ask. Once candidates complete the phone screens, access and share audio recordings of the phone screens at your convenience.

Start Screening Your Candidates

It's very easy:

just forward your resumes to resumes@sayhired.com

Please use your work email address (for fastest processing) or make sure to include your company name in the subject line.

Want to post the job yourself?

You can generate an "Apply" link for your open position, wherever you choose to post, email, or distribute it. The candidates will submit their resumes, complete automated phone screens, and you will be able to track the progress on your SayHired dashboard.

Generate Your Custom Apply Link